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      What is in your writing bottom drawer? Maybe you have a literal space dedicated to half-finished stories or half-developed characters. Maybe you’ve only written a couple of lines or even a complete plot but just haven’t felt motivated enough to actually sit down and write the story. Maybe you have a hidden treasure – a full manuscript that is just waiting for the next step – but what is the next step? Some writers just feel the need to write the story whereas others are hoping to have it published. The crossroads of choosing whether to go down the assisted self-publishing route or else try and find a literary agent is one of the most difficult choices a writer will make. That is not to say that either way is better of course, rather each method has a different set of values, challenges and rewards. But what if you have already decided that you do not wish to self-publish but rather would like to find a literary agent? Then you need to get your manuscript agent-ready!

      Mighty Pens help authors to get a manuscript ready for an agent’s eyes. If the editing process makes you feel dread or if you are unsure about how to write a cover letter to a potential agent, write a summary, develop a character or plot or just need an industry professional to look through your story before you send it off to an agent, then why not have a look at the cost-effective packages available to help you? For Mighty Pens’ VIP Members there is also a 10% discount off each package’s costs. Why not have a look at our dedicated webpage here – 
      Get Your Book Agent Ready!

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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