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You’ve written your story! Now what?

One of the greatest options facing any writer, whether they are a seasoned professional or nervous debut author, is now you have written your story, captured your characters and done your own final edit, is what comes next? Many write their book  with a clear determination in mind whereas others have just written the story that has been boring a hole in their creativity for too long to ignore. Whilst many are keen to go down the self publishing route, others are looking for something a little different.

Perhaps you are looking for an agent? How can you ensure your book is in the best possible position to be accepted by a literary agent? Why not look below to review the options and benefits of having a professional mentor with industry experience review your manuscript and help you to ensure your story will more likely to be accepted by an agent?

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Band One

Costing £350 this is a simple edit which clarifies simple grammatical mistakes and polishes off the manuscript. Established authors rarely edit their own work as it is easy to overlook simple yet glaring errors due to being too familiar with how your story should read! As with all services across the bands, Mighty Pens will not make changes without the author’s consent. In other words, your words are safe with us!

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Band Two

Costing £550 this band looks at the book and offers edits and ‘mentoring’ suggestions. These suggestions are made from the perspective of fresh eyes and come from a wealth of professional industry of understanding what agents often don’t want to see. Of course, Mighty Pens likes to take the cheese knife approach to editing rather than the machete beating its way through a rainforest approach – the team all know what it’s like to let someone else read your work and make suggestions!

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Band Three

Costings £675 – This is similar to the Band 2 services however with the addition of assisting and/or writing the standard cover letter to go along with the book – almost all agents want to have a cover letter and this can be so difficult to write for yourself especially if you’ve got to be bold and sell yourself. Most agents like to see a cover letters so that they can see when there is a good angle for future, potential marketing if the book progresses and also it helps them to gain insight into the author’s approach and personality.

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