Sir Doddy! by Bernard Bale

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Publisher: Bookaholics Publishing
ISBN: 9781916028913

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There’ll never be another! How could there ever be another Ken Dodd, Squire of Knotty Ash, master of mirth and still filling theatres at the age of 90!? If you have ever laughed with him or applauded him either at one of his marathon live performances or on television, radio or one of his many recordings then you will want to join in this celebration of Sir Doddy, a legend in every sense of the word. This book reveals his journey from childhood to the very pinnacle of stardom but more than that, it also introduces the reader to the man himself, his thoughts, his views, his love of real entertainment, comedy and people. You will laugh, you will be surprised and you may just shed a tear but certainly you will get to join in this celebration of one of if not THE greatest British stand-up comedians of all time.

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