by Tricia Hughes

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ISBN 978-1-916028-90-7 

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I have been writing small pieces for fun for some time,” said Tricia. “Then I decided that I would tackle writing a complete book. I didn’t think I would actually see it through to the end let alone see it published but here it is and I am thrilled to see it and already people have been reading it and there have been some nice compliments.”

It has been named Romance of the Year as that is exactly what it is although there are some moments that might seem far from romantic simply because this is a tale that doesn’t just touch reality but positively embraces it.

For Beth it all started with the surprise find of a piece of paper with a name and telephone number. The real surprise of course was where she found it – in her husband’s pocket! The piece of paper seemed to shout something not at all innocent to Beth.

What should she do?

What would you do?

All is revealed as Tricia Hughes takes us inside the heart and mind of Beth to share her roller-coaster emotions of worry, low self-esteem and those hopeful rays of joyous sunshine.

What happens? Well, that must be left to the reader. After all, it is Beth’s Decision.

I have tried to reveal what goes on in people’s lives and how they can cope. Beth’s story is not unfamiliar to millions of people in this country and millions more around the world.”

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